Response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please remember, good hygiene and social distancing are key.

The Fire Station remains open to tenants. Tenants should not be holding any ‘in person’ meetings unless absolutely necessary.

Day-to-day business activities can continue under the following restrictions:

Anyone who has any kind of symptoms described here must not come to The Fire Station under any circumstances.

Social distancing
Maintaining social distancing withing the building is crucial. Depending on the size of your office, ideally, only one person should be occupying an office at any time, unless they are already co-habiting during lockdown.

Please help by cleaning down / disinfecting shared areas such as kitchen, toilets after you have used them. Any wipes to go in bins please, NOT down the toilets.

The keeper of the house (Louise) is still coming in, as she represents key-workers. She will clean once a week, but that leaves the other six days a week when we all need to chip in. Please do not work on the basis that someone else will be cleaning a surface – these things can’t be done too often!

On arrival at the building, please immediately wash your hands thoroughly. We have replaced hand towels with paper towels to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Use once and then bin it. NOT down the toilets for obvious reasons!

I will try to ensure that there are cleaning materials available including soap, hand sanitisers and other suitable products where available.

It would be helpful if tenants were able to supply their own products, too.

Tenants may well want to use their own personal cups, plates etc. If shared crockery and cutlery is used, it is advisable to wash them before AND after use. Do not use tea towels to dry.

‘High-touch’ surfaces and shared equipment
Please take responsibility for regular wiping down of surfaces that we all come into contact with. Before and after use, please wipe handles or the parts of any shared equipment that have been touched. This includes: door handles, printers, handrails, chairbacks etc.

Where available, I will try to ensure that there are plenty of wipes etc. to be able to do this easily.

I will continue to review the situation in the light of further advice and will relay it to tenants as appropriate.

Thanks for your help.